Top 5 Indian Foods To Try Today

Food is an essential part of every human being’s life. No person can go without food for many days. Tasty and good looking dishes attract the attention of many people from all around the world. This is the reason why many people choose to travel all around the world, travelling for the famous foods in the places they visit.

With such activities and with the help of media, they tend to spread the word. Similarly, Indian foods are impeccable. Every person who has visited India from abroad has always said nice things about the authenticity and flavors of the Indian subcontinent. This is why it gave rise to so many best Indian food blogs and also outside India where the travelers post their experiences in India and the brilliance of the taste in the Indian food.

5 Indian Foods

Five best foods from India

  1. Coming from Jammu and Kashmir, Rogan josh is probably the most accepted Indian dish. Foreigners and even the Indian residents love to taste and make this Indian delicacy at their homes and feed their loved ones. This is a mutton preparation which is seasoned with garam masala and all another kind of spices found mainly in India.
  2. Anyone who does not like butter chicken surely has not tasted the real butter chicken. Punjabis are well-known for their dish of butter chicken. This is a delicacy where the chicken is marinated for hours and then cooked slowly so that it retains all the flavors of the curry and then to top it off, some butter melts millions of hearts, all at once.
  3. Bengalis are well known for their authentic style of cooking and taste of their food. Aloo bhapa is one of its kind. It is a preparation where the potato is cooked slowly in mustard oil along with coconut paste and other spices for taste.
  4. Having rice mixed in with spices and meat is a delicacy Indians, as well as foreigners, crave for whenever they visit India. Biriyani is famous all over the world, but nothing beats Hyderabad biriyani. Cooked slowly under pressure with layers of onion and mint and meat is what we want in a meal.
  5. Made from gram flour and Chana dal, dhokla is a snack or a breakfast dish which has emerged from the states of Gujarat. Even though it comes from Gujarat but, it is also made all throughout the world.

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Foods from India has not and has never been constricted to this nation only. The dishes and the foods that emerged from India has been circulated all throughout the world with the help of food blogs. People have started to learn a lot from this kind of blogs and makes others happy by feeding them happy meals from India.


Popularity of Indian food blogs all over the world

So, it is very clear that the popularity of Indian kitchen is not only popular in India, but is also accepted worldwide. Tourists often visit Indian food destinations in search of authentic foods of the Indian cuisine. They also try to follow up this kind of food blogs and make something for their families and surprise them with mouth-watering flavors of India. Learn more about the Indian food delicacies from and on the internet by typing in best Indian food blogs.


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