Staying Active, Healthy and Happy

The news of pregnancy of a lady in a particular family definitely is happy news for the parents, family members and even the neighbor. Everyone waits with joyous frame of mind for the arrival of the new born baby. Somehow the family members and you during pregnancy should be quite aware of the various precautions, lifestyle, diet, mental state, general heath, medication and a few exercises. It is advised that you should have vitamin tablets as prescribed by doctor for your and child’s wellbeing.

The scientific guidelines

The healthy guidelines are essential to follow so that they keep you in healthy and a happy state of mind. The guidelines are;

  • As the neural cord eventually is transformed into the brain and spinal cord of the child it is essential to have such vitamins and diet containing iron, folic acid, high calcium within one month of the pregnancy.
  • Regular exercises not only maintain improved blood circulation but also will regulate the body weight and keep you with a happy mood.Swiming or walking are great exercises but the doctor has to be consulted first.

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  • It is quite essential you as mother, should be come knowledgeable about pregnancy, it enables you to learn more about infant or child care. In this regard you should consider the family medical history. You can always consult the doctor and ask any question coming to your mind.
  • You should keep away from toxic environment and in relation to domestic chores you should avoid lifting heavy items, climb steep stair, keep away from using chemicals and avoid over exposure to burning stove in the kitchen.
  • Be particular about the lifestyle specially avoiding smoking or drinking.
  • Keep a regular monitor on your body weight.
  • With relation to food habit you should avoid coffee and have lots of fruits.
  • Consult the doctor in case of any complication.

Leaning about pregnancy and child birth

You should have fiber rich food and avoid too much oily food so that you get a heart burn. You can arrange for special mattresses and pillows meant for this particular period. With relation to tips for pregnant women in hindi, you should learn some of the breathing techniques because it is of utmost necessity that you keep relaxed during this period. The aspect of weight control is very significant within this period because that may lead to high blood pressure level and diabetes.

Balanced diet

It is essential that you be quite conscious with relation to diet, you should have such food which contains such vitamin that have folic elements so that it eliminates any possibility of defects during this period. Now in relation to hindi pregnancy tips you should consult the care gives to take required pre-natal care. There should be proper caution in case anemia is observed because that will have a telling effect on the health of the child.

Thinking out of the box                                                                          

There is a conventional thinking that emphasis should be on adequate rest but in reality you should keep active, of course taking proper precaution. In the process you will be having a joyous mood which is very important especially during this period.


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