When you go to bed, take five minutes to try out the tactic, suggested by American scientists

Do you have a habit of running around and rolling in bed until you nail your eyes? For researchers at Baylor University in the United States, there is one suggestion to help sleep come early: set aside five minutes to write down the things you want to do in the coming days.

In a statement to the university’s website, Michael Scullin, the lead author of the research , commented that today’s to-do list only grows – and what we fail to do tends to cause us concern just when we put our heads on the pillow. So he wanted to check whether writing this information (instead of just thinking about it) could ease the difficulty of sleeping.

For the experiment, the scientist and his team recruited 57 college students to spend a night in the college lab. While one party was encouraged to write down everything they should remember to do in the next few days, the other group wrote down the tasks they had completed in previous days.

Experts expected one of the two results: recording about the future could increase anxiety about unfinished tasks and thus impair sleep, or this activity would help to discharge such thoughts, facilitating rest .

Well, the data showed that the second hypothesis prevailed. Those who planted the paper for the future were able to sleep, on average, 9 minutes earlier, a figure considered significant by scholars.

“We selected young, healthy adults, so we do not know whether these results can be generalized to patients with insomnia . Despite this, writing activities have already been recognized for helping these patients, “said Scullin. How about leaving the pen and the paper on the bedside table and taking a test?


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