Feed Them Yummy Chicken

All he non-vegetarians of the world have of course tasted chicken in their life. Chicken is an all-time favourite meat for all of them. This makes chicken the most common meat for any non-vegetarian dish. People might not like the taste of certain meat or they might not prefer eating some due to their religious customs, so chicken has the go to meat for every occasion. It is also the most logical choice of meat when you have guests coming over as you can be assured they won’t have any qualms about eating it. Thus, you can find a lot of chicken recipes from which you can choose to cook when you want to make something different than your regular chicken recipe. Some of the popular chicken dishes you can try to make are:

  • Butter Chicken– This dish was first made in Delhi in the 1950s. This buttery and creamy flavoured dish is been popular ever since. Every chicken lover has tasted this beautifully made preparation of chicken and has thus become one of the iconic dishes of North India. You can try it with tandoori rotis or naans for an overwhelming taste.
  • Tandoori Chicken– this dish is a very famous snack of all Indians. This really simple yet great tasting dish is cooked in a clay oven called the tandoor. The chicken after marination is placed on top of other marinated pieces in skewers and put in the oven to roast.
  • Chicken Tikka Masala– this dish used small chunks of chicken pieces, which are grilled after marination and then added to thick creamy gravy. Only boneless pieces of chicken are used to prepare this dish.
  • Manchurian Chicken– this special chicken dish originated in North-eastern china. It is very commonly made in most Chinese restaurants in India. It is a pretty spicy dish. Small balls are prepared using chicken and some other ingredients and fried. These balls are then added to rich saucy gravy. Chicken Manchurian is paired well with fried rice.
  • Chettinad Chicken– this spicy dish of Tamil Nadu is quite famous for its unique spicy taste. People who love their food spicy have to try this chicken preparation. Made with an assortment different spices and peppers, it will definitely take your taste buds on a hot ride. It is also popularly known as pepper chicken in other states.
  • Mughlai Chicken– this amazing dish was brought to us by the Mughals when the ruled India. Among many other things, this creamy and heavenly chicken dish is one of the best things that have been adopted by us from the style of Central Asia. You might feel that the dish is quite complicated as it has to be made by using some special ingredients and also the duration of cooking is long, but after tasting it you will surely feel that it is worth it.

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These famous and yummy dishes are only some of the great chicken dishes that are there. So find a great one and impress your guests.


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