Avocado combines more with savory dishes – avocado, with desserts

Until recently, the avocado had no gaps to shine in the Brazilian market, dominated by its famous cousin,  avocado . Today, however, both share space at the fair.

You can not confuse them: the avocado is much smaller. “And it has higher content of fat , less water and therefore have more consistent pulp,” says the nutritionist clinical Larissa Cohen, of Rio de Janeiro.

The two, however, shed fat-soluble vitamins, such as A, D, E and K, which are not usually abundant in other fruits . In addition, they concentrate, in similar amounts, proteins , potassium and fats. But rest assured, he saw: they are monounsaturated, considered beneficial to health.

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Thanks to this nutritional mix , both fruits are associated with heart protection – just not worth abusing because of calories. “The consumption limit will depend on individual characteristics and the level of physical activity, ” explains Larissa. While the avocado falls best on salty dishes, the avocado combines with desserts. What will be your request?

Total fat

Avocado- 15.3 g

Avocado- 17.3 g


Avocado- 6.9 g

Avocado- 7.4 g


Avocado 161 lime

Avocado- 176 lime

Monounsaturated fats

Avocado- 11.2 g

Avocado- 9.6 g


Avocado- 4.1 g

Avocado- 2.7 g

Vitamin K

Avocado- 634 mg

Avocado- 599 mg

(Values ​​refer to 100 grams of food)


Avocado 3 x 3 Avocado

Source: food composition table, by nutritionist Sonia Tucunduva Philippi


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