Yellow fever rises to 353 cases, but none are urban

Ministry of Health announces escalation of the virus, mainly in SP, RJ and MG. But it reinforces that, so far, no one has been infected through Aedes aegypti The number of people affected by yellow fever continues to grow considerably. According to a new Ministry of Health report , 353 cases were confirmed from July 1, 2017 to February 6, 2018,...

Bariatric surgery asks for physical exercise

Investing in physical activity after the stomach reduction operation potentiates weight loss and minimizes adverse reactions The bariatric surgery is not a magic bullet against obesity.  And, according to a study still in progress at the University of São Paulo (USP) , it is not even worth it if it is not accompanied by physical exercises . So far, scientists have garnered data on...

A simple habit can make you sleep faster

When you go to bed, take five minutes to try out the tactic, suggested by American scientists Do you have a habit of running around and rolling in bed until you nail your eyes? For researchers at Baylor University in the United States, there is one suggestion to help sleep come early: set aside five minutes to write down the...

Compare avocado and avocado

Avocado combines more with savory dishes - avocado, with desserts Until recently, the avocado had no gaps to shine in the Brazilian market, dominated by its famous cousin,  avocado . Today, however, both share space at the fair. You can not confuse them: the avocado is much smaller. "And it has higher content of fat , less water and therefore have more consistent pulp," says the...

Remedies for Other Diseases May Treat Yellow Fever

Brazilian researchers discover that some commercially available compounds would serve as treatment against this infection We may be closer than we think of a remedy against yellow fever . Instead of trying to develop a treatment from scratch, researchers from the Institute of Biomedical Sciences (ICB) of the University of São Paulo, the Butantan Institute (SP) and the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (RJ) studied commercially...


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