Investing in physical activity after the stomach reduction operation potentiates weight loss and minimizes adverse reactions

The bariatric surgery is not a magic bullet against obesity.  And, according to a study still in progress at the University of São Paulo (USP) , it is not even worth it if it is not accompanied by physical exercises .

So far, scientists have garnered data on body fat, muscle mass, and bone densityfrom nearly 40 women undergoing stomach reduction surgery. “But, three months after the operation, we submit half to regular exercises,” says physical educator Hamilton Roschel.

In six months of training, it was noticed that this group wiped the belly much more. In addition, she practically regained the muscle strength lost after entering the knife, while the sedentary ones depleted. “Surgery can help, but it does not free people from changing habits,” Roschel concludes.

See other reasons that show how physical activity is critical for whoever undergoes this procedure:

The arteries

The operation improved the ability of vessels to dilate, which would remove hypertension. But such improvement was fading among those who did not work.

The diabetes loses

Although insulin resistance – a condition that leaves glucose left in the blood and is the first step in diabetes – has been attenuated with surgery, it has remained more controlled in the active group.


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